Impress Your Guests with These 9 Thanksgiving Decorations

Jessica DeMilt

Associate Disclosure: We love these items and we hope you will too! But we don’t just love buying stuff on Amazon—we also have bills to pay. That’s why we’ll be compensated if you purchase anything using the links listed in this article. So thanks! How about we do this again sometime?

Halloween is officially over and we still have a while until Christmas, which means we’ve entered the Thanksgiving Zone (are you scared? Don’t be. The name is intimidating, but it’s hard to come up with fun Thanksgiving phrases!). All the other holidays get their own special colors and decorations, but what about Turkey Day? We spend so much time thinking about the food that we forget the ambiance. But don’t worry, you can easily turn your home into a Thanksgiving Wonderland before the big day arrives. Check out these festive Amazon finds:

1. Illuminate Your Space with Thanksgiving Magic – $20.99

You need a lamp. You also need some holiday decor. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone (3, if you count the turkey!) with this beautiful LED battery-powered maple tree decoration. Put it on a side table to get your guests talking while they enjoy hors d’oeuvres before dinner or use it as your centerpiece for some fun foliage—and a little bit of extra light—during the main course. 

Comes in 4 different styles, but the maple tree is definitely the most Thanksgiving-y if you ask us.

2. Cozy Up With New Throw Pillow Cases – $16.99

Autumn leaves…earth tones…throw pillows…these are just some of the classic symbols of the fall season. If you haven’t stocked up on your fall-themed throw pillows yet, then these pillow cases are perfect for you. Instead of buying new pillows that you’ll literally only use once a year, you can simply dress up the throw pillows that are already on your coach with fun and festive pillow cases!

3. Sign Off on Your Love of Fall – $13.99

If your regular home decor is pretty minimalistic, then you probably don’t want to be too flashy with your Thanksgiving decorations. Luckily, you can be subtle while showing off your love for the season with these wood signs. You can hang them on the wall, put them on a table, or find another cool place to put them (I mean, I’ve never been to your house, I don’t know what you’re working with). They’re so stylish and simple that you might even forget they’re for Thanksgiving and leave them up all year round—and that’s okay! Who says you can’t do that? We’re not here to judge you.

4. Set the Scene (and Table) with Festive Placemats – $14.99

Are you hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner? If so, show your family members that you have your life together with placemats! Anyone can set the table, but only a truly sophisticated adult who is capable of making their own life decisions knows to add style and function with placemats. These maple leaf options are perfect for your upcoming holiday meal. Your family is sure to be impressed. And probably a little jealous.

Comes in a set of 4. Got a big family? Just order more!

5. Keep Things Organized with Napkin Rings – $22.09

Placemats AND napkin rings? Your relatives are really going to think you know a thing or 2 about adulting after this holiday! These adorable pumpkin rings will keep your napkins nice and neat until it’s time to eat. You can also try wearing them as real rings and pretend you’re the Pumpkin King (or Queen, or whatever non-binary royalty you choose).

Comes in 5 different styles, but the other 4 are more for Halloween (or a fancy murder mystery party any time of year).

6. Showcase a Love of Autumn Things with Window Clings – $10.99

Have you ever wanted to put leaves on your windows? Okay, maybe you’ve never thought about it, but now that I’ve brought it up—it sounds pretty cool, right? Well, you’re in luck with these beautiful window clings! These autumn leaves aren’t just attractive, they’re also easy to remove and don’t leave any residue behind (like other window decorations). Put these up and it will look like the season attacked the outside of your home—but in a good way.

Comes with 120 pieces, so you’ll have plenty of autumn leaves to spread around!

7. Light Up Some Candles – $16.99

Candles add magic to any occasion. It’s just science (not really, but come on, you’re telling me you don’t like candles?). They’re perfect for holiday celebrations, but not on their own! Luckily, you can purchase this set of 12 gold votive candle holders to keep your candles organized while also adding a touch of elegance to the space. The best part is that these candle holders aren’t holiday-specific, so you’ll be able to use them all year long.

These also come in silver, but those cost a little more and they don’t fit in with the Thanksgiving color scheme nearly as well, so…

8. Save the Turtles with Paper Straws – $5.38

Be thankful for the environment this Thanksgiving! If you’ve stopped using plastic straws, then you might already know that paper straws are an eco-friendly alternative. These paper straws feature fun fall colors, making them perfect for your upcoming holiday meal. Your family (and the turtles) will thank you.

Comes in a pack of 25.

9. Put a Turkey on Your Head. Seriously. – $11.99

Do you remember that episode of “Friends” where Monica put her head inside a turkey? Okay so actually, Joey put *his* head inside a turkey in a flashback earlier in the episode, and then Monica recreated that moment later in the episode as a way to apologize to Chandler for accidentally cutting off his toe. That’ll probably sound really weird if you haven’t seen that episode, but I already typed it all out and I’m not going back. ANYWAY, if you want to feel like Monica and/or Joey from that episode, get one of these turkey hats! It’s WAY less gross than putting an actual turkey on your head and probably also way less traumatizing for everyone involved.

Comes with 3 turkey hats. So grab 2 of your favorite relatives and wear these hats together. Fun for the whole family (or at least the 3 of you wearing the hats)!